About the Voting Technology Project

Established by Caltech President David Baltimore and MIT President Charles Vest in December 2000 to prevent a recurrence of the problems that threatened the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. Since establishment, members of the VTP have studied all aspects of the election process, both in the United States and abroad. VTP faculty, research affiliates, and students have written many working papers, published scores of academic articles and books, and worked on a great array of specific projects.

Partisanship and Voter Confidence, 2000-2012

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Michael W. Sances, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Charles Stewart III, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abstract:  To what degree is voter confidence in election procedures driven by satisfaction with the outcome of an election, as opposed to trust in government or objective features of the polling place, such as voting technology?  Using approximately 30 national surveys over the past decade, we find a consistent relationship between voting for the winner and confidence in election administration.  This confidence varies as a function of question wording and electoral context.  Respondents are more confident in the quality of the vote count locally than nationally.  They are

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